Saturday, January 3, 2009

One more thing that Penelope did

I had her in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. Clearly done waiting in her crib, since she patiently amused herself while I practiced some yoga an hour earlier, I removed her from the cage and expected her to play on the bathroom floor for the five minutes or so that I needed this morning. She then pulled herself up to the side of the tub as she has done many times, and then. . . I. . . heard a. . . thump. I brushed the water out of my face to realize she fell into the tub with me face first. She was in her pj's still with a brand new diaper. Penelope was a little startled, but otherwise perfectly fine. She went to clapping right away; my little girl was having so much fun. Anyway, Melanie's post reminded me of this occurrence. Her son Logan is only 2 weeks older than Penny, as he was born on Mother's day of 2007.

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