Saturday, January 3, 2009

News from the homefront

So, Penny has been practicing really hard at walking. She must have put herself into a standing position from the inverted "v" at least a dozen times today. She also got a push toy for Christmas form her Aunt Wendy and she has been pushing it all around our house since yesterday morning. She is so stinking cute. Also, Penelope has been so miserable. I think that once a kid is about to take on a milestone they get really cranky, right? I swear she is sitting there frustrated as all hell that she can't just get up and go. As I sit here writing this, she is standing up with her back against the couch, using the couch for support. I think it is funny when she does this.

Nathaniel is just turning into such a little man. We were sitting down the other night, Scott, Nathaniel and myself, when he turned to me and said, "I think it is time for us to have another baby." He told me that he needs another baby sister. Well, I told im that as soon as he buys me house we can start trying! lol!! Although, Nathaniel has obviously been thinking this out, because he rebutted with the plan that we can put in the bunk bed below his loft, so that Penny can move in below him and the baby can sleep in Penny's crib. You can't blame a boy for trying, eh?

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