Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I started posting on Wellsphere, you can join me!

So I am over here, helping to bring Down syndrome awareness to Wellsphere. If there is anyone else that wants to help me please sign up. You can use the button that is in my sidebar.

Penelope is scheduled to have her MRI on Feb. 25. I am a little nervous. They will need to sedate her, but at least this way the cardiologist will have a great picture of the heart and all the vessels to figure out if the repair is failing in anyway. Clearly my little girl is thriving and I am not expecting bad news. Please pray that her little heart is working as it should! I am kind if interested in the MRI picture. If anyone else has had experience with this sort of thing with their toddler, please let me know how it went.


Lynne said...

That little heart is working, working, working! It's easy to tell...just look at all that energy she has!

Melissa said...

Penny is SUCH an amazing little warrior! I'm sure her little heart is working great. Hang in there Momma...will keep on praying for Pretty Penny & hope that the MRI turns out to be just perfect;)

Will have to check out Wellsphere later! Thanks!
{{HUGS!}} Sure miss you...Mel & Dillon xoox

Cynthia said...

Hoping the MRI goes well. I can't imagine going through that without sedation for a little one.
We haven't ever needed to do an MRI for Ben's heart. Sending prayers for you.