Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ok, I need to relax because I have been searching the Internet on what my score really means. I guess the verbal section is harder for the typical student that takes the test so a score of 570 in the verbal means I am in the 78th percentile for verbal skills and a score of 710 in the quantitative section places me in the 72th percentile for math skills. How can I be under in math!!! I feel so inadequate.


Melissa said...

Hi Mo!
I'm so sorry that I missed wishing you the BEST OF LUCK..grrr!

No matter what the score ended up being, I still think you're one of the smartest people that I know;) I really admire that about you!
love ya!

Jaxsons Fight said...

Stop looking on the internet. I wish I was half that smart. You did great.

Lynne said...

You have to consider who else takes the test before considering whether a score is good or not. Only the top students in the country take GREs and many of those take them soon after they get out of school when the information is fresh in their minds. I read an interesting list of "things to do" from a successful GRE-taker...she basically said that you have to give up your life to study for 6 months prior to taking the test. Well...heck, a mother of 2, Cub Scout leader and Enterprise analyst can't take 6 months off life to study! So there you have it...YOU are utterly brilliant and I'm proud to call you my daughter! Love, Mom