Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yep, now it is the Ringroses' turn for this stomach virus that is going around. It started off this morning when Scott told me that he had been up all night in the bathroom. He had the nerve to blame me because I went to see Dillon last night. Uh. . . I don't think so. I am sure that it takes a little longer then 6 hours to start showing symptoms. He begged me to take him to the ED at about 9am. I told him they wouldn't be able to do anything for him, what is he point? I then told him to call his dr. first and find out what they suggest. He called the dr at about 9:40 but he was told that he would have to make an appt. The receptionist wouldn't let him speak to a nurse or the doctor over the phone! So he had an appt scheduled for 11:30 am. Meanwhile I could tell he really wanted to talk to a real person so I suggested he reach out to the nurse helpline with my insurance company. He called and the nurse on the other end suggested that if the intense pain that he is feeling does not go away in an hour then he should go to the ED. Wow, an insurance company suggesting you go to the ED. By 11 am, his breathing became labored and I began to worry for the first time. I remembered back to when I had the most awful stomach bug ever when I was about 5 months pregnant with Penny when I couldn't keep anything down for about 36 hours and I actually lost weight! I felt some cramping then too, but I attributed it to when it went out the other end. (i know, tmi) I felt that Scott could handle a little pain. But I forgot, he is a man and we all know they are such babies. At least, that was how I honestly felt at about 11:15 when I was driving him to the hospital. We were seen to almost right away and the doctor was wicked nice. Dr. B really listened to him and took his concerns seriously. Scott was scheduled for a CT Scan so Penny and I decided to leave at this point and come back when Scott was ready to be discharged.

While Scott was feeling miserable upstairs, this morning was kind of normal with Penny, I made her some eggs and fed her breakfast while getting Nathaniel ready for school. She was clingy afterwards and whiny which is really unlike her, especially so soon after getting up. I figured she must have woken up earlier then I thought and decided she must be tired so I gave her a bottle of milk and prune juice just like she prefers it. :) I even warmed up the bottle because it was really frigid in our house and I decided that I like my hot tea or coffee in the morning, she would certainly enjoy some warm milk. Within twenty minutes or so she projectile vomited the milk and her breakfast of eggs. She was coughing a little before she got sick and I though maybe she gagged on herself and it was not related to Scott being sick. (me, ever the optimist!!) Well, about thirty minutes after that she threw up again! This time I was able to run her to the bathroom and most of it got in the toilet. What was strange was that she was just so darn happy in between bouts that again, I thought this must have been a coincidence. I changed Penny and we brought Scott to the ED. While we waited for triage Penny was sitting on my lap and began to cough and then. . . you guessed it. She threw up on me! She was not happy about this but after I cleaned her up she was happy again.

When Penny and I left Scott to his CT scan, I decided to meet my mother for lunch at Friendly's because I was still not convinced that Penny was actually truly sick. Five instances of vomiting within 1/2 day is not enough for me. She did not exhibit a fever and she was happy and playful, not lethargic or cranky. I gave her some apple juice while she waited for her lunch of mac and cheese. Well, after only 2 bites of the lunch, she lost it again. We finished out our meals because as long as she wasn't upset, I decided to stick around. I let her have some ice cream and she tolerated that well. At home I put her down for a nap and she went right to sleep. I was feeling bad at that point since she did not eat too much, but she showed no indications of being hungry, so I tried to push those guilty feelings aside.

Penelope was sleeping when I got the call from Scott at 4:30 that I could pick him up. I had to wake her up, but she didn't get too mad at me. This is about the time that she usually would wake up from her nap anyway. Nathaniel, Penny, and I drove to get Scott and on the way home he told me that they diagnosed him with diverticulitis that was probably provoked by the stomach bug. Diverticulitis can cause vomiting and diarrhea on it's on, but it would be too much of a coincidence that Penny was sick too. I think it is more likely that he was sick with a bug first.

At home, Scott went right to bed and I spent some time downstairs with my happy little girl. She had a dinner fit for champions : Saltines and Pedialyte. I guess I am very blessed that she will eat Saltines on her own. She did spread some crushed saltines ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM. Who know that 5 saltines could cover such a large diameter of area? About one hour into play, her bottom made so much noise and there was a very large mess for spread everywhere for me to clean up. I feel like I am still trying to get the stench out of the air. I just put her down to bed and I she hasn't made a peep. Nathaniel is out at McDonald's night with my brother Joey. His treat no less; what a guy!

I just hope that all of my babies wake up all healthy tomorrow. Good night!!

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