Friday, August 8, 2008

Nathaniel caused some trouble

Here he is actually just faking it. I asked him to make a face!!
I was trying to get a good picture of how swollen his arm was.
That lollipop must have kept him occupied!! Here, the waterproof liner is going on.
Now, the cast is being rolled on, I guess this wasn't too bad for our brave hero.
TA-DA!!!! I'm healing.

So, as I said in a previous post. Nathaniel is in a cast!!! On July 25, the day before the picnic, I got a call while at work from Nathaniel's day camp that Nathaniel fell from the monkey bars and was upset that his wrist hurt. They weren't sure if it was broken or not, but as the counseler said, "I'm not a doctor." I picked him up as fast as I could and off we went to the pediatrician. I had picked him up at 10 am. At the pediatrician visit we were refered to an orthepedist (and they set up the appt for us), but the appt wasn't until 2:20. I was told that they squeezed Nathaniel in so I might have to wait awhile once I got there, but to get there early to do paperwork. Well, we took a lunch break and went to Burger King for lunch, and then to Friendly's for ice cream since we had so much time in between. Wouldn't you know that my kid did not cry this whole time and barely complained. I was so proud. We got to the orthepedist at 1:50 and we weren't seen until 3:15 and then they had to take x-rays! There was a confirmed buckle fracture on Nathaniel's left arm, near the wrist. He was finally casted at just before 4. What was truely remarkable to me was his attitude. These are just a couple of Nathanilisms from that day: "Good thing I broke my left arm and not my right." "Good thing this happened in the summer, because my winter coat wouldn't fit over my cast." and "Good thing they have yellow casts because yellow is my favorite color." The only down side to this is that Nathaniel does use his left hand to wipe himself, but he has adjusted I am sure. They even have waterproof casts now. It was an out of pocket expense because, of course this is a luxary, but it was worth the $55 this being in the summer and all. We have the Cape to consider, and the picnic, not to mention he was going back to that camp where they have morning swim and afternoon swim!!

Down Syndrome Picnic

I must be really dumb because this was entirely too hard for me. Does anyone else have issues with Flickr?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

where have I been?!?!

I know it has been a whole month since I last posted. This July was insanely busy. I such kudos to the mothers out there that find the time to blog daily. This is just a quick note to please stop by another blog to catch up on Kennedy. She is such a cutie! Please keep her in your prayers!!

Once I get all my photos uploaded I will update you on what a crazy July this has been. Penny is doing great!! Nathaniel is in a cast!! boo!!!