Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She finally did it!!

I was so happy to see Penny put herself in a sitting position all by herself today!!! She is such an amazing baby and everyday she shows me something new that blows me away. She lays down on the ground and puts herself onto her hands and knees, which is funny because she doesn't crawl that way. She still slinks along on her belly. Then she sits back on her butt putting hersef in a folded in half position and then she pushes her back straight up. What a cutie!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everybody say Hi to Dillon

Penny had a date last night with her friend Dillon. She kept trying to steal his glasses. I felt bad for him until later on when he was shrieking with delight, he scared Penny to tears. Other than that they had a really good time, I think. And I had a good time with Mel, Dillon's mother. Sometime we will need to leave the babies at home and go out without them.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Happy July 4! I can remember 6 years ago today it was about 106 degrees and I was 40 weeks pregnant with my son Nathaniel. My due date for him was the 4th of July, and I was so miserable. It was a Thursday and it was hot. I had been working at TGI Fridays but I took my last day on June 26. Not because I was uncomfortable running around, (my feet were more swollen with Penny then with Nathaniel) but because my very close friend, Irene had come up from Arizona just to witness the birth of my son and she wanted to get in early so that she wouldn't miss it. On July 4, I am sure Scott was working at the Outback that night and I was at my parents' house enjoying some cookout food. It wasn't until Saturday morning that I went into labor with him. I feel as though it was yesterday. I can't get over the fact that my little boy is soon to be 6 years old. Where does the time go. And on that note, I have a birthday this month too. I am turning 29. . . for the first time! yeesh!

Today we are going to see Matt, this is Scott's step-father. He moved into his new place on May 31 and I am ashamed to say we have not seen it and I still don' t know where he lives. We have been very busy watching my friend's child and best friend of Nathaniel, Tanner. Penny and Nathaniel are being watched by Tanner's mother Angela during the day, and we are watching Tanner in the evenings. Anyway, I am very excited to se his new place today and have a 4th of July cookout!

Penny is doing well as always. I swear she gained another 12lbs this week. She is scooting all over the place. Sometimes her belly is off the ground for a few seconds. I hope she is learning that the crawling works a little better with the belly off the ground. She still refuses to say "mama." I am trying not to get too frustrated. Maybe she thinks that we are both a "Dada, " I don't know. The speech therapist is impressed with her vocal talents, however.

Her friend Dillon is coming over tomorrow night to have a party while Nathaniel and Tanner go to the fireworks with Scott. Girls like to party!!!