Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4, 2008

Ok, so I am upset the Obama is the next president of this great country. Really, really, upset, but at least I know I went and voted yesterday to show my support for McCain in this Blue state.

I am more upset over the recent additional layoffs in my office yesterday. November 4, 2008 will not be remembered as a great day day in my life.

However, I did have some fun at Joey's place -well, it is really Jess and Pat's, but they let him stay there :). You can head over there and see some photos of the kids playing. Even Nathaniel was getting into it. I think we need one of those blue tube things in our home to play in.

We really miss Dillon and Melissa, my life has been so hectic I cannot say when I will be able to get together with them again! Especially with all the boy scout stuff in there. Maybe Sunday after our portrait session at Target. Maybe. . . .

Also, I need to welcome Rainer into this world. He was born on Halloween and is a wonderful addition to the family that was 3 and now 4 : Tricia, Alex, and Georgia!

Let's see, can I sneak anymore tags in my blog post today. :)

I can't wait to upload my Halloween pictures. More of that to come.

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Melissa said...

Hopefully we can get together soon, Dillon really misses his girlfriend, & I miss my buddy too8) OMG, what a great idea to have their pictures taken together...LOL