Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Forgot to mention

The orginal purpose for me to post was to announce that Penelope is having her cardiologist check up today at 1pm at CCMC. I know she is doing well. She is a healthy 23 lbs, she is very active and she looks pink! But of course I am going to worry. I will post more and advise on how the visit went. We are hoping to be surgery free for the next 5 years at least!!!!!

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Melissa said...

I'm hoping that the apt went BETTER than anticipated, remember,Penny is a SUPER baby!! I'll be praying for her & that Mom & Dad stay strong for the apt. I know how stressful they can be...don't forget to BREATHE!

Call me when you guys get home, I'll try not to be worried.
Love you guys!