Sunday, November 30, 2008

21 things that are not about Down Syndrome

I admit, sometimes I need some inspiration for blog posts (don't we all). So I thought I would post 21 things about Penny that don't have to do with Down syndrome. I tag Mel and Dillon and anyone else can consider themselves tagged.

1. She still has cradle cap and she is 18 months old. When will she get rid of this??
2. Penny loves to play peek-a-boo.
3. She loves it when she gets attention from her older brother Nathaniel, but. . .
4. Does not like it when he tries to pick her up or hold her, she prefers his attention while she is in mommy or daddy's arms.
5. Penny will eat anything if it is in tomato sauce. Including vegetables!
6. She likes to hit us in the face. Scott and I are trying to get her to stop, but she likes to see us in pain I guess.
7. She loves music and likes to dance along to along.
8. Penny thinks it is funny when she throws food on the floor. It is her way to defy us or something.
9. She likes going "bye-bye in the car."
10. Her feet stink all the time and we have no idea why.
11. She likes to share her food and drink by putting things to my mouth or her daddy's mouth - even when the food is soggy with her saliva.
12. She can say "dog!" when she sees one in a book or on TV; in person, she is afraid of them.
13. Penny has been pretty much sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old (with a few exceptions when she is sick or after her 2ND surgery), but. . .
14. She wakes up a 6 am and we cannot get her to shift her schedule even when we put her to bet later and later.
15. Penny loves Spongebob Squarepants, who doesn't???
16. She hates it when I rub her hair, she is probably afraid I am going to pick at her cradle cap or something! lol.
17. Penny likes to play with tea set and then put the cups and such back in her container.
18. She LOVES her daddy and he will win every time.
19. She has a babysitter that comes over 3 days a week and her grandmother watches Penny 1 day a week.
20. Her favorite word is "Dada!"
21. Her mommy and daddy think she is the cutest little girl in the world!


Melissa said...

YAY! Game on;) Will post it later
Sending big hugs

Momma M said...

I have "heard" that putting a kid to bed earlier will actually get them out of the early rising habit. Haven't tried it myself as we have a 6 a.m. gal, too, and I am scared that she'll wake up earlier. Pre-6 a.m. is just not right!!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading these tidbits! Having 'tea' is one of Kayla's favorite things to do!

rickismom said...

Nice Idea for a post!!!!
(Think I will adopt it!)
My daughter is 14 years old.

Terri said...

I got your idea via rickismom and I am going to play along too! My daughter is 15...