Monday, July 20, 2009

So sad and other thoughts

We had Nathaniel's 3rd celebration for his 7th birthday on Saturday. It was a glorious laser tag party, sans Penny so that Scott and I could get in there with Nathaniel and tag him over and over. Well, I dropped the camera and it is broken. I can't even get my computer to read the card so I can't tell if that was damaged as well. I just emptied the photos recently so the only pictures are those that I took on Friday while making the cake with Nathaniel and Penelope. And then those pix taken on Saturday of course, but man, was that cake cool! Not to mention that we only had that camera for about a year and it was a couple hundred dollars. It makes me so sad. . . .

**update** Scott purchased the protection plan that will cover you if you damage your own camera so they are sending us a new one. YIPPEE!!!

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