Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Miss Delicate Fingers

Like most parents, I continue to fall into the trap of obsessing over what my child is not doing, when I need to celebrate more in what Penny is doing. I so wish she could talk to me, is saying "mama" too much to ask?

Don't get me wrong, I love to listen to her beautiful babble. It is wonderful that she vocalizes as much as she does. And she understands a lot. Sometimes I really feel she is saying things but I don't understand her. Like "what's this!" I really think she says that, but it is very high pitched and jumbled I might be making that up. She certainly has a very respectable vocabulary for a 2 year old. (New 2yo at that!) She says dog, duck, all done, dada. And she has at least two dozen signs that she uses consistently.

I love that she is so social. She is never shy around strangers!

One of the things that I have been noticing a lot lately is her ability in fine motor skills. She has been building megablock towers since about Christmas time. Although she does yell at the blocks a lot to get them to cooperate :) She is good at putting tiny pasta or Cherrios in a narrow necked bottle. (Such as a water bottle or empy trial size shampoo bottle) She even amazed the OT last week when she held the bubble wand on her own and showed everyone she could put the wand into the bottle on her own and then proceeded to blow bubbles. I love watching her tiny fingers pick up blueberries and eat them. Her mouth has been blue a lot from this new experience.

Also she is so strong. She will think nothing of picking up the entire bag of megablocks or her farm house or doll house and walk around the house with it. Looking for a suitable place to camp out.

Our new adventure is the terrible twos. I remember that three was much much worse with Nathaniel. Maybe with girls it is two? She has been having temper tantrums more often lately. I know, I should let herself dive down the stairs in an effort to keep her happy. :)

I guess the bottom line here is that of course I think she is wonderful no matter what milestone she has reached yet. I just want her to stay happy and healthy!

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Lacey said...

My kids were worse at 3, and I have all boys, so maybe it is different. Its funny how we cherish "normal" things they do, because for them its not normal.