Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remembering 4th of Julys past

So my post is a day late. . . sue me.

Seven years ago yesterday I had approached my due date with Nathaniel. It was a very hot day, not like yesterday at all. I am pretty sure the temperature had reached 100 degrees. Having stopped working only 1 week prior as a waitress at TGI Fridays, I enjoyed lounging around at my parents house for a BBQ that day. Amazing that I cannot remember the 4th 3 years ago, but that day I remember all sorts of details. A good friend of mine, Kelly, stopped by with gifts from her mother and herself for the new baby that was to arrive. I was only 22 with all sorts of expectations of what motherhood was going to be like.

I tell his birth story to Nathaniel every day on his birthday, July 7. Has it really been 7 years already???

Two years ago yesterday I woke up early to get Nathaniel ready to go to CCMC. Penny had been re-admitted five days earlier for an infection to her open heart surgical incision. She hadn't responded to oral antibiotics, and we weren't sure what we were dealing with so, she was kept on the inside for a full course of IV anceph. I was bummed for obvious reasons, but also because we would have loved to spend the holidy with Scott's mother. (Of course we didn't know this was her last 4th of July.) Scott and I were hopeful that Penny was getting freed that day and we would have the rest of the day out of that place. Scott had slept over since we never left her in the hospital by herself. Nathaniel and I made our way through the short fifteen minute drive, and then spent an unusually quick 5 minutes to find a parking space. I pulled Nathaniel in one of the wagons since I was ready to take advantage of any fun thing for Nathaniel. In the lobby in front of the main elevators they had two tables with volunteers making party hats. It was such a neat thing for Nathaniel (almost five) to do. I was so grateful for that, I mean, how nice is it that they do this for families on a holiday. We finally made it upstairs and I learned that Penny was indeed going to be discharged that afternoon!!!!

Tonight, Nathaniel is at the Manchester fireworks with Scott. I got a call at 8 pm that Nathaniel had fallen asleep at 7:30 or so. What a tired maniac!!! Poopers finally crashed at 9 pm tonight after I worked her hard at the playscape down the street. This girl can crawl up the stairs and slide head first down the short slide. What a nut!! Then we had girls night out at Friendly's. We tried out a booster seat for the first time, instead of the high chair. She was wonderful! So engaged with her meal and her momma. We conversed most of the eveing about Dada, but sometimes we talked about the light, and sometimes we discussed the baby in the booth near us.

I hope everyone esle is having a great holiday weekend.

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