Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ramdon Thoughts

This is were I will be in 2 weeks! I cannot wait for my vacation to Montana. This will be Penelope's first trip on a plane. Nathaniel went out to California when he was 3 and still in diapers. He was so cute then.

It is increasingly difficult for me to stay focused at work. I am not sure if it is because I am getting laid off soon and my work load is staring to taper off, or if it is because I need this vacation or what? If there is anything I have learned about myself is that I need a heavy workload to stay focused on anything. When the work amount is lessened, I don't feel that sense of urgency and then nothing gets done! When I look back on my college career, I could maintain the Dean's list when taking 5 or more classes, but whenever I decided to "take it easy" with 4 classes, I did awful.

Also had a couple of those moments where I questioned my ability to be a mother. Last night I took the kiddies to the town pool in East Hartford. It was our first trip in the wading pool because the last few times it was closed. (Don't get me started on that) I let Penny run/wade right into the water without holding her hand and . . . she. . . FELL. Face first right into the water! By the time I picked her up she was already gagging on water. I could hear her clearing her airway so I tried not to panic, but man, it was pretty scary. After that, I would not let go of her hand!

Then, after the pool session was over, I let the kids play in the play scape right outside. I parked myself on the bench to watch them enjoy the summer evening. Penny seemed to find something interesting since I saw her bringing an object up to her gaping mouth. I got up as quickly as I could and yelled, "No Penny! That is yucky!!" Alas, she is fast when it comes to food. What I found in her hand was a cream sandwich cookie with her little teeth marks in it. IT WAS TEAMING WITH ANTS!! They began to crawl from the cookie in her hand up her arm. I slapped the cookie out of her hand and swatted the ants off her chubby arm. As I brushed cookie crumbs of her face several seconds later, a live ant crawled out of her mouth!! GROSS!!! Several minutes after that, her tongue ejected a dead ant from her mouth too.

My only hope is that ants are a laxative and this traumatizing experience will help out her constipation issues. lol.

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