Friday, July 24, 2009

Pucker up!!!

So, Penelope has just been an explosion of development lately. I know that it is true now that kids can only work on one thing at a time!! All that hard work to learn how to walk was truly taking up most of her brain power. :)

She knows roughly 40 signs now and sometimes she uses signs that i don't even know. Everyday there is a new one. She will use a modified sign for help when she wants me to turn on a toy of hers and it is really great. No tantrums when she cannot get her toy to work. She simply walks over and puts it in front of me and then signs "Help".

Wednesday I came home from work and there was my happy girl waiting to give me hugs and kisses. Yes, kisses. She puckers up her cute little lips and will smack away until her mouth lands on you. I was so amazed. Honestly, Nathaniel was over 3 when he learned how to kiss. He used to make this noise that sounded like "mmm-baaaah" when he "kissed" us. So I am loving life now that I am getting kisses from my precious little girl.


Joanie M said...

That's wonderful!!

Lacey said...

Dang, if only you had my number I could have come out to the airport and kept you company. Oh well, were were you going?