Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When will you sit up?

Penny is still working hard on sitting on her own. I know that I am supposed to wait for her to be able to reach these milestones on her own time, but I know she can do it. I just feel that she is being lazy. Is this a horrible way to feel?? I'm ok that she is not crawling, she is no where close to that, but she is so so so close to sitting on her own that I just can't understand it. In other exciting news, I am convinced she is playing peek a boo with me! I was changing her into her pajamas last night and I put her night clothes on her face and said, "Where's Penny?" She pulled the pajamas off her face and smiled, then pulled them right back up ON HER OWN to cover her face again. We did this 4 more times and she really got a kick out of the game. :) She is just so stinking cute. I have to post more pictures of her when I have a chance.

Oh, and the mythical being post, I had Penny in mind when I answered the questions. She is the pegasus. lol!

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Lynne said...

Penny is going to sit up when she's darned good and ready to sit up and not a minute earlier! After all, it's much easier to chew on the great toe when laying down. ;)
The Grandma