Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nothing to write about

Anyone ever see the movie Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead? All you Hamlet fans should definately pick it up and/or add it to the never ending "to-do" list. It has been quite awhile since I have seen this movie, but there is a pretty humorous part about having "nothing to write home about." That is kind of how I feel this week. Penny is still working hard at trying to sit up on her own. She pushes herself up with her arms so high and then I like to get in there and pull her butt up so that it forces her into a crawling position, but then she gets mad at me. She is eating like a champ though, so that is good news. We have even decreased the amount of rice cereal we add to her purees. Her food is no longer the consistency of peanut butter, more like yogurt. Which, by the way, I did try giving her some yogurt the other day. SHE HATED IT!! That's ok, it probably wasn't warm enough for her highness. She is very particular about the temperature of her food. She is still such a good baby. She sits there and babbles away. It is so cute. We have a video of it that I will need to add some day soon. She is just out of control when it comes to speaking her mind about something.
Oh, and Scott's boss gave him this electric piano that he no longer needed. It . . . was . . . still . . . in . . . the box!!!! We have been super excited about this all week. We put our Penny up to the keyboard all the time so she can bang away and make some music of her own. The sound quality is amazing, you can't even tell the differnce between this and a real piano. I'm even a little inspired to finally have Scott teach me somc chords. Plus, Scott is so HOT when he is playing the piano.

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