Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something Interesting did Happen

Nathaniel had a play date today. It was a first date for both him and me. His mother and I ended up having a lot to talk about. Her 3 year old just graduated from Birth to Three so we knew some of the same therapists. She believes that the vaccinations her son received before his 2nd year caused him to have a high level of mercury and lead in his body because his blood draws indicate high levels of these metals and she cannot think of any other way that he was exposed. So his symptons have lead his doctor to diagnose him with an autism spectrum disorder. Thanks to my mom, I have a wonderful link to a websit for Autism Awareness. Please take the time to watch it because "For charity specific donations , will pay $1.00 per view of the designated charity’s videos - until the number of viewings equals the amount donated less .04 per view. The .04 expense is's .03/view webhosting charge and California Community Foundation's (CCF) 1.25% administrative expense. OVER 95% of money donated goes directly to the chosen charity!"

Click here to see the video

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