Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random updates from my house

Get It Down; 31 for 21

+ Penelope used two signs together this weekend for the first time. She wanted more milk after she finished what she had in her cup. Thus she signed "more" and then "milk." I almost cried!!!

+ My mother took Nathaniel to Chucky E Cheese yesterday for lunch and I met up with them with Penny. She and I played skiball together and she was fascinated by the tickets that came shooting out. Much, much later,we were getting ready to head out, when Penny found a stray ticket. She picked it up and walked across the facility. I didnt' know where she was headed but I followed her at a distance. When she got to the three steps to bring her into another section, I continued to hold back. She gingerly walked down the three steps by herself while holding onto the low railing!!! Her mission was to put the ticket back into the skiball machine. lol!

+ Last week Scott left Penelope unattended in the living room while he got himself dressed to go to work. When he came downstairs to a quiet living room, he discovered Penny chomping down on a 7 oz bar of Hershey's chocolate. (I bought it for a cubscout prop.) He said her face was covered in chocolate and she tried with all her might not to give up the contraband to her father. Needless to say she was upset that he stole her prize away. I told Scott that no man should come between a girl and her chocolate. What was he thinking anyway?!?!?!

+ Penny loves dancing to "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce and will mimick the "Oh, oh, oh, oh,. . .. oh, oh" part very well. She loves to dance and walk backward for this song. lol!

+ I finally busted out all of Nathaniel's Thomas the train stuff that he accumulated over his younger years. Penny loves them! She and Nathaniel built train systems together this weekend.

+ Penny says these words: "Hot", "Dada", "Down", "Duck", "Ah Done", "Fish", "Juice", "No", "Ha" (Hi) and "What's this?" If she hears a "k" sound in any other word, that is how she designates it. As in book, cow, cat, milk. . . . She calls all these things "Kuh!"


ABandCsMom said...

Oh that would have been a great picture..busted with the chocolate bar.

Joanie M said...

You really need to get some video of Penny dancing to "All The Singles Girls"!

Joanie M said...

Oops! I meant Ladies, not girls!