Friday, October 9, 2009

My Penny Poopers and Really, What is in a Name?

Get It Down; 31 for 21
Scott would like me to change the name of this blog to Penny Poopers. This has been her nickname for as long as I can remember, but I don't think it would make a good blog title. lol. As any parent of a child with a disability will agree, WE CAN TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! Bodily functions are no exception. Scott and I were delighted that after a very brief stint (6 days mabybe) with the NG tube, Penelope had the strenght to eat on her own and gain weight like a champ! With the feedings, came the diapers, and boy is my daughter gifted in that area as well! She is coming upon 30 months old now and we still call her our little Penny Poopers.

Her given name is Penelope Adara. I have posted on this before, but I love her name so much and this is my blog so I will brag about it all I want. Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, as in that Greek guy that took ten years to travel from Troy when the Trojan War ended back to his home in Ithaca. The Trojan War itself took ten years as well. So for twenty years, Queen Penelope was without her husband. The story goes that for all that time, she waited faithfully for him to return, and never took on another lover even though there were many, many, men at the door. An alternate meaning to the name Penelope is "the one who weaves." This is more literal because while Penelope was waiting all that time for her husband to return, she would weave every day. Adara has roots in many cultures. In Irish it means "From the ford at the oak tree." In Hebrew it means the exalted one, or one to be praised. I kind of like that meaning too, since so much attention is lavished on her at home. But the meaning we picked was also from the Greek roots, "One who is beautiful, a virgin." So as you can see, we had high expectations for Penelope from the second she was born! Scott and I had been against naming her before she was born. We had a few names to think about and had decided to meet her first before giving her a name.

I always wanted a strong biblical name for my sons, as in Nathaniel Eden, and Greek names, rich in mythology, for my daughters. Kind of weird huh?

I'm curious to know why you all picked the names that you did. Well, except for you, Chloe Sierra, I already know all about how you helped your mommy and daddy pick out your name.

I am going to tag ten wonderful bloggers so I can learn about how their names came to be. I hope you all have time for this!

THE RULES: I want you to post about your child's (or all your children's) name on your blog. Then tag ten other people on your blog as in below. Choosing a name for our child is so important when we were playing that ultimate waiting game, but I am so afraid we loose the meaning as time goes on. I mean, when do we even use a middle name?!?!?!?

I tag:
1.) Amy (even though I know Chloe's name, maybe other people want to learn. Besides. I would love to learn about the name Xander!)
2.) Jessica at Raising Joey
3.) Melissa at Master Dillon
4.) Michelle - I would like to know about all three of your daughter's names, oh and that boy of yours too if you have the time. :)
5.) Cammie at the Heflin family. Was Addy already named when you got her?
6.) Lacey at Jaxson's fight. Really, where does the name Mondo come from?
7.) Melanie at the Beatan family
8.) Renee at My Special K's - Who's crazy idea was it to have children with K names and with only 7 seven letters? Please, tell us where that came from?! )
9.) Jeana and Wayne at Feisty Kaelyn
10.) Last but not least - Tricia at Unringing the Bell.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ohhh lol, the madness of it all! hehehe I actually did a series on this at one time! Here you go! :)
The Art of Naming My Kids - Part 1
The Art of Naming My Kids - Part 2
The Art of Naming My Kids - Part 3
The Art of Naming My Kids - Part 4
I have OCD... you've been warned! haha

Lacey said...

Oh come on. Mondo is a very common name :)

Jeana said...

I really cant remember where I came up with the name Kaelyn...I think I combined a couple of names one day in a college class and it just stuck. Her middle name is Ruth after my Grandma Ruth. She is the most amazing grandma. It doesn't matter if she is your grandma or not, she is called Grandma Ruth by all the children that know her. The day we found out about Kaelyn having Down Syndrome and a heart defect, Grandma Ruth knew something was going on with us, even though no one had told her. She's just amazing and was just tickled when we told her we were using her name for our daughter.

Joanie M said...

I wasn't named in your meme but I'll tell you anyway!

Gina -
Regina Frances - named for my mother and my father (his middle name was Francis)
If she was a boy, it would have been Michael Gabriel - I love the name Michael and Gabriel was Greg's father.

Timothy Gabriel - the name Timothy kept popping up when I was pregnant. Gabriel for Greg's father, of course.
If Tim was a girl - Gabrielle Nicole. For Greg's dad and we liked the name Nicole with Gabrielle

Dani -
Danielle Marie - just liked the name and I couldn't think of another name to go with Danielle. Dani was born Dec 26. no idea why I didn't name her Noelle. Greg says I didn't want to.
If she was a boy - Christopher Martin - I liked the name Christopher and Martin after my father.

Names I WANTED to name Dani - Stephanie Maura and Erin Noelle. both nixed by her Dad. (the jerk)

Tricia said...

oops...missed this when you did it, but I will post today. :)

Tricia said...

I meant to say I LOVE your kids' names. I really do! Especially Penelope!