Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some more milestones

One thing I never take for granted with Penelope is her ability to feed herself and try new foods. Too many of her friends have aversions to eating, or are just plain picky eaters. Penelope can use her fork and spoon well enough for a two year old. She can self feed with her fingers like a champ, and she will pretty much try anything once. For example, I was surprised a few weeks back when she tried some sauteed collard greens and continued to ask for more. Also pretty recently, we began to give Penny a whole corn on the cob. She LOVES IT!! Today, I decided to have her try a whole fresh peach. I took the tiniest of bites first just to expose the flesh to her and then I handed it over. She LOVED IT!! When she had chomped off enough to expose the pit, I dug it out for her and tossed it. She demanded that I be quick about handing the fruit back over to her too. She is just so funny, she finished the whole dang thing!

Another thing that I am so incredibly proud of just happened this past Tuesday. We went to this family lake house to have a nice refreshing dip after work. I sat her down, waist high, in the water at the shore. I then showed her about twenty times how to blow bubbles under water in the hopes that she would copy me. I had pretty much given up with Nathaniel asked me to turn around to look at some feat he had accomplished and when I turned back to look at Penny, her face was under the water and she was blowing bubbles just like her Mama had done! Since this day I ask her to blow bubbles during bath time and she has happily complied.

I love getting excited over the little things in life!


Cammie Heflin said...

You are awesome Penny!

Lacey said...

That girl eats wayy better than me. Maybe my mom should have introduced good foods to me when I was small. Ya think?