Friday, September 18, 2009

My First Time

Last night, my family and I braved the crazed masses and drove to McDonalds last night for our school proceeds night. I like to get there early to find a seat in the play area. Otherwise, I don't see Nathaniel for an hour. Of course I had to keep Penelope restrained in her highchair so that we did not run the risk of her being trampled by the fifty or so screaming lunatics. After she was done eating, I told Scott I was going to let her loose in the main area of the establishment so she could stretch her legs.

Her journey to explore started out harmless enough. She waved; people waved back. She smiled; people smiled back. She let out a ton of "oh" and a bunch of "ah". The appropriate amount of positive reception was met. Then an employee gave her a balloon and boy, did she kick up the cuteness a notch. Everyone nearby marveled at how happy that balloon made her. Penelope continued her amble through the tables when a boy, probably 4th or 5th grade, sitting with his friends only, POINTED AT MY DAUGHTER AND LAUGHED. He yelled, "LOOK AT HER FACE, ISN'T IT FUNNY LOOKING!" Penelope was already on to the next row and I was pressed to chase after her so I didn't have too much time to react. I was able to discern the rest of his group chuckling and they agreed, "She does have a funny looking face."

I moved on. We are talking ten year olds. I wish one of their parents were around to say something. I choose not to this time. My first time. Boy, how could I let ten year olds dampen my mood? Even for just five minutes.


ABandCsMom said...

Sorry for the rude behavior of other peoples children. It does sting a little doesn't it? No one has ever said that Carly has a funny looking face. I think I'd be tempted to slap the snot out of someone for that remark. For the record, Penny is adorable and cute as a button!

Anonymous said...

Penny is so incredibly cute! Don't let that little kid get you down...he's ignorant. What you can do is teach your own children to be compassionate and sensitive. I can't tell you how many times young children have pointed at me and said: "look at that fat lady" You learn to move on...of course, that doesn't mean you have to invite him to any parties! So his loss, in more ways than one.
Love you much,

Melissa said...

Penny is absolutely BEAUTIFUL & those little kids don't know any better!
Still, I'm so sorry that the parents didn't correct them or stop them for saying those things. What HORRIBLE behavior!!!

I love Penny & Frankly WE ALL MAKE FUNNY FACES!;)
Love you babe

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Have you heard the song Beautiful by Christina Aguillera? Reminds me of this. Doesn't matter what anyone says, she's beautiful just the way she is. HUGS! I Love Penny and think she's gorgeous and wouldn't want to change a thing. But I'm sure you already know that yourself. ;)

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that :( I never know what I would say in those situations.

Melissa is right though -we all do make funny faces at some point :)

Hugs to you!