Friday, September 25, 2009

From the mouth of a seven year old.

Nathaniel and I were driving home together from cubscouts when he said to me, "Mommy, I would like to have 17 more babies."

Me: "17. More? From me?"

Nathaniel: "Yes."

Me: "Well, I am 30 right now, and usually woman stop having babies around 40 so I don't know that 17 more is possible."

Nathaniel: "Ok how about two more?"

Me: "Well, if your daddy and I are able to buy a house we may want to have more, but we were also thinking about adopting since there are so many children that need a home."

Nathaniel: "What does adopting mean?"

Me: "Well, sometimes a kid doesn't have a mommy or a daddy and so they live somewhere that can take care of them until a new mommy or daddy comes and decides they want to love them and take care of them."

Nathaniel: "WHAT?!?!?! Do they live in cages or something? Do they get to eat?"

Me: "Usually they don't live in cages. They go to school and they eat too. They just don't have that one mommy or daddy that can give them love like you have."

Nathaniel: "Does it cost money to adopt someone?"

Me: "Well, the kid is free but you have to pay for the paperwork."

Nathaniel: "WELL LET'S GO RIGHT NOW! Let's go get one of these kids and bring him home right now!"

(SIGH) The world must seem so easy to this boy.


Mama Mason-Mann said...

Very sweet! :)

Joanie M said...

Sounds to me like when you go to buy this baby it better be a boy!!

redhead1904 said...

That is so awesome :)