Monday, June 15, 2009


I am back from Chicago and I am beat!! I am stuck here at work since my office is a 2 minute drive from the airport I just thought it would make more sense to finish out the day at work and then go home at 4pm. But it is so hard!!! 2 hours left before I can see my babies. My girlfriend Irene lives out there and she is having herself a little Tanzanian-American baby any day. She met her hubby in Tanzania in June of 2006 when she went out to do some volunteer work for six months. I finally got to meet him and I learned that he is such a perfect man for Irene.

Irene, good luck to you when the baby comes!!! I pray for a fast and pain-managable labor for you!! Give the baby lots of smooches for me.


Lacey said...

wow, your such a good girl to stop in the office. I would have gone home :)

Melissa said...

WELCOME BACK HOME!! Give Pretty Penny kisses from Dillon & I!