Friday, June 19, 2009

Is there anyone that will have us?

Everytime I come back from a trip I long for more. I had a bug in my hat for a brief time about possibly flying out to CA in October to see my family, but I decided to put a hold on that for a time. Now, I am toying with the possibility of driving my family to Chicago from CT to visit my friend that I just saw. This will only work out if I am laid off by Sept 1. Irene will be on maternity leave until about October and I will only consider this trip if I get to spend time with both her and the baby. I thought that Chicago was 11-12 hours, but I learned today that it will be 14 and one half hours! We will most likely have to stop over somewhere and break it up. So if anyone lives near I-80 (from PA to IL) and they are willing to possibly maybe give some respite to my traveling family in September let me know!!! I love road trips!

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Erin said...

We live in Cedar Rapids...near Iowa City, IA....CR is 20 minutes from Iowa City....but then that's not really a half way point...but it's a stop!