Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An example of May 2010?

My calendar was marked today with an 8:00 am visit by Penny's PT and OT, Yvette and Linda respectively. We generally have them come together because we can only fit so many appointments in the week. At 8:07 I began to get a little nervous. Did I have the time right? Was today supposed to be a 9:15 visit with Scott. "Oh man! Now I am going into work late for no reason," I thought to myself. At 8:09 (and my clock does run a little fast), I picked up the phone to call Yvette, when I saw Linda walking up toward my door.

After we exchanged greetings I asked if Yvette was just running a little late, and Linda gave me this bewildered look. Linda then explained that she had been informed that morning that Penny was doing so well in the physical development department that she was discharged from Yvette's case load. Well, I didn't want to take this out on Linda since this was certainly not her doing, but I had to hold back the tears. You may recall from a previous post that Yvette is very important to me. Not to mention that this came as a huge surprise. I began to wonder what was going on because I know that my approval is needed to change Penny's plan. Then I thought, well maybe Scott was aware and in agreement to this and he forgot to tell me. He is always forgetting things. I attended Penny's OT in a confused (and a bit angry) state. I was upset that I never got to say goodbye; but on a more important note, I didn't agree that Penny lost that service. She is only 2. Don't I get another year out of the birth to 3 services.

At 9 am, Scott emerged from the bedroom and came down the stairs. Immediately I asked about his last visit with Yvette and if it was mentioned that her services would be reduced. Scott thought about this for a moment and then explained that they might have agreed to reduce her visits to one time a month rather than two since Penny is doing so well, but he was pretty sure he didn't dismiss Yvette's visits all together. Linda was still there at this time and admitted she could have heard wrong this morning too. . . but she didn't sound very convincing. I asked her to have Yvette call us if she met up with her.

At 9:00 am I should have been on my way out the door, but this really upset me and I was serious when I said I was holding back the tears. At 9:15 I finally got the gumption to get out the door when the phone rang. Marni was on the other line when I answered to explain that Linda just called her. No less then fifteen emphatic "No"s later, she told me that services are not cut without written documentation and a review meeting so that everyone has an opportunity to consider any changes. I kind of figured this, and I said as much to Marni, but I also explained that if Scott agreed to once a month, I am on board with that. I was just really confused and concerned if the services were just cut all together. She assured me that no, it doesn't work that way and we have a our annual review on June 16 anyway so we can address any changes to her plan at that time and have it all in writing. Hopefully, we will be meeting with Yvette sometime this month. I mean, the girl is good, but she isn't walking up and down stairs yet, so I know she will still benefit from PT at this stage in her life.

So, even though alls well that ends well is where I should be at right now, I wonder; how am I going to handle May of next year when her B23 services end?


Lacey said...

Geez, that sounds crazy. She definitly gets service until she's three. I had a really hard time giving up our PT when Jax turned 3. I could tell she didn't want to leave him either.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

How frustrating! And with all this talk of cutting services to our birth-to-three kiddos across the state!!!! NOT good! Hug that big girl for me. ;) We miss you guys.