Friday, February 27, 2009

Question and Answer for Sammy

I admit I kind of left you hanging on this snake thing. Life has gotten in the way a little. Lol. Let's see, Renee does this all the time in her Q&A series. Oh she makes blogging look so easy!

Does Penny like the snake? I think that she does. Every time we take the snake out so that she can get used to us, Penny gets really excited and of course she wants to reach out and grab Sammy. I hope soon we will able to let Sammy's face get up really close to Penny's skin and we will see how that goes. Penny also loves to point at Sammy's tank and say "ah Da," when Penelope is getting changed.

How long is Sammy? It is tough to tell because she is always coiling, but my educated guess would be that she is close to a yard. Most milk snakes can grow up to 6 feet on average.

Does he eat lizards? This is a very astute question. Nathaniel was hoping that we could keep both Larry the Lizard and Sammy the Snake in the same tank. This thought has initiated many macabre conversations about the outcome of such living situations by me and Scott. We don't think that a snake as docile as Sammy would eat a lizard as large as Larry (a desert plaited lizard, medium sized). We feel that if the two reptiles had a showdown that Larry would win. Sammy does enjoy eating mice and we will be feeding HER one mouse a week. Scott hopes to get her to accept previously frozen mice that we can store in the freezer. I am not really excited about the warming up process but youu can't expect a girl to eat a cold mouse can you? I would rather go to the pet store weekly and buy a live one. We went to the store weekly for the crickets for Larry. And I guess the mouse is cheaper then 50 crickets too.

uggghhhhh...I'll stick with my dog and Not really a question, but I will throw it out there that I am highly allergic to dogs and moderately allergic to cats. Scott and I owned a cat for a little while and we gave him away when I became pregnant with Penny so that I wouldn't have to take unnecessary medication while pregnant. We do miss Mack the Cat, but then we began to think about how much we enjoy our brand new living room furniture that we bought in his absence and we really don't want the new furniture all scratched up.

MO, when did you all decide to become CRAZY? You can thank Scott for that. He asked me today if I liked the snake. Although I do think she is very cute, I told him I kind of liked the $90 more than the snake, but we own her now so it is what it is.

Look for future posts about all the times Sammy escapes from her enclosure.

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