Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures to be come soon, I promise!

I know, I have really been slacking in the picture deptartment, I have just been so busy lately. Also, I actually have things to do at work now, so no more posting while I am at work.

Scott and I have that meeting tomorrow with Nathaniel's teachers and his principal. Thanks to the many people whose brain I picked, I feel that I have some good ideas to direct the conversation.

To end on a good side. Penny is just such a little joy. She now puts the sign for "more" together with "eat" when she wants to let us know that she is still hungry. I also had a conversation today with the RN for the cardiologist to discuss the real benefit for the MRI at this time. I guess the concern is that her branch pulmonary arteries are not growing to the proper size. From what I was told, the echo is mostly good for getting a picture inside the heart, but once you get to the peripheries the echo is not as reliable. So, if we wait for an echo in two months, we will most likely be at the crossroads and we will have to decide again what to do. I believe now that the best thing to do is to get the MRI done even though it will mean that Penny will have to go under general anesthesia and she will need to be intebated.

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