Saturday, December 13, 2008

New day, New game

One of my other blogger friends continued on this game and it sounds like it can be funny so hear goes: Here are the top 10 things that pull up on when I enter "Maureen needs"

1."Maureen needs a date." Kind of funny since my husband took me out to the movies tonight. Thanks Joey for watching the kiddies.

2."Maureen needs your support… “Maureen, please leave the Big Brother House now..."" scary, I didn't know I was in trouble.

3. "Maureen Needs YOU!" Well, I do.

4. "Maureen Needs to Realize Two Things" What do I need to realize?

5. "Despite not knowing a word of Latvian, Maureen needs this one." Actaully, I know several Latvian words. "Cur er vansutubs?" Pauldias. and Lebrett. I don' t know if the spelling is at all correct, but this is the phoentic spelling of these works. My best friend from my senior year in high school was 100% Latvian and she taught me a few words.

6. "Maureen needs hitting with a lump of wood wrapped in barbed wire" OUCH!!! Am I doing the hitting here or am I getting hit?

7. "Maureen needs to read something written by other than her own personal friends once in a while" Well, I am reading the "Truth about Boys" still.

8. "Maureen needs a loan in the amount of 50000 NGN" I don't know what an NGN is, but sure, I will take it!

9. "Maureen needs you to stop crying." This kind of entirely speaks for itself.

10. "Maureen needs a new pair of shoes." Well, right again! Who doesn't need a new pair of shoes.

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