Monday, December 15, 2008

Crisis Averted!

Wow! Do I feel like I was over reacting. I called the cardiologists' billing office this morning and apparently, they were just as surprised as I was when the phone calls started coming in last week. She said that they are still in network with United Health Care and that they are fighting this with them right now. So I was asked not to pay any bills until they re-bill me in January. Hopefully everything will be resolved by then and I will owe the usual $85. What a scare. She was so apologetic and said that this has been a big problem for their patients. She was so nice about it!


penny said...

Just found your blog - your daughter has a great name (or could it be I'm slightly biased?).

Seriously, glad to see she is looking so well and hope you get the medical bills sorted.

Penny Green
Down's Heart Group

Cynthia said...

So glad it seems to be a mix up between the insurance company and the doctor! YAY!