Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wow it has been awhile!

Penny is 10 months old today! I can't believe I have gone all month. It was kind of a crazy month. Penny was stuffy and feverish for 5 days, then Nathaniel had a fever. Then I was sick and Scott was sick. It just kept going around. Then we had a Easter Candy hunt at my mom's house like I do every year. It was decided last minute, with Easter so early this year, I wanted to make sure it would be a decent day out. But that is kind of an excuse becaue I think except for the first year, it has always been pretty much last minute. Good thing Nathaniel has so many friends!
I think all the kids had a really good time. I am pretty proud of myself that I didn't go overboard with the candy this year.

Not too much to report on Penny. She doesn't see her Cardiologist until May 9 and her pediatrician in May as well, maybe even June since her birthday is May 29. We missed two weeks with the physical therapist because first Penelope had a fever and then she was on vacation. We saw her on Thurday and boy! was she impressed. Penny waved goodbye to her and I think she teared up a little bit. Dr. Yvette could not say enough great things about how well Penny is doing, "for her to know that there is a social implication behind waiving, to have that comprehension is a huge thing at 10 months!" I felt like such a proud Momma! Then later I had her on the floor to play while I was reading and we looked up at each other. She smiled and waved at me! Up until that point I thought she was only copying, but she did it this time on her own. Also, the big milestone for the week is that she is doing a great job of sitting on her own now. At least five minutes at a time she can keep herself balanced. This was brand new this week so I will have to get a picture of her when she is in a good mood and post it. I also need to get the pictures of her in her beautiful Easter dress and get those posted as well.

I hope everyone else out there had a great Easter, I know it was hard on Scott and his family to have this first Easter without their mother. I miss her a lot and Nathaniel still talks about her a lot.

Right now I am trying to get her to go down for a nap. She must be taking "no sleeping" lessons from Nathaniel or something.

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