Saturday, March 29, 2008

OMG 10 months is huge for you!

Penny did something else new today! I sometimes will give Penny the rest of Nathaniel's juice box if he doesn't finish it just to see what she will do with the straw. This is not very often, however. But today, the box was half full. I squeezed once, and Penny actually drank it, which is a step up, usually she spits the juice back out or it falls out of her mouth. THEN SHE SUCKED MORE JUICE THROUGH THE STRAW AND DRANK IT. She repeated this several times. I even put the juice box down on the table and let her drink it that way in case I was squeezing the box without realizing it. Penelope then proceeded to take the box in her hand and she continued to drink out of the box like she had been doing it for months. I still cannot get over this!!! No sippy cups for Penny.

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RK said...

How exciting!! Thanks for coming by my blog for the giveaway! Penny is just adorable, and wow...sipping the straw on her own at 10 months...that's AWESOME! Can she come teach Braska? :o)