Thursday, January 31, 2008

Penny is Gaining Some Muscle

Penny is really raising her whole body. Her PT is so impressed with her strength and ability!! I was so happy to see her raise herself this high. She was so proud of her self too I think.
She just loves to look at Daddy and smile. She is such a ham. We told her she needs to do at least 20 push ups everday so she can get big and strong like the rest of the family.
OK, now she is smiling for Mommy! I love her enormous smile. Can she open up her mouth any wider?? She must be thrilled about something I am doing.
I couldn't get a great shot of this, but she lifts her arms and her legs at the same time. Something her PT is very impressed with as this indicates strong abdominal muscles. Scott and I think it looks funny because it looks like she is going to fly away. :)

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