Monday, January 14, 2008

To those who know Katie

Tricia had a good point in her last comment. There are a lot of little friends of Penny who know Katie well, maybe too well ("No, don't take anymore chest tubes out of me!!! Get back, get back and go away!") Well, to Georgia, and Dillon, and Addison, and every one else who is as curious and nosey as me, Katie from Dr. Mello's office was due to have a baby on Christmas eve. It was really pretty inspiring; Penny's surgery was 7 days before Christmas eve and Katie was on her feet for well over 10 hours watching over Penny and discussing her condition with us. Katie even did rounds each day we were in the hospital as a matter of fact. Well, I think it was Dec. 27 (our follow up was the Thurs. after Christmas I am sure), we learned that Katie had her baby, a healthy baby girl they named Samantha. Welcome to the world little one!

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Tricia said...

Welcome Samantha! That's one amazing Mom you have!!! :)