Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can you believe that it is March already

Gees, wasn't Christmas, like, a few weeks ago? Between running around to complete tasks for Nathaniel's Cubscout Den, working full-time, Penelope's appointments, Scott becoming ill, play dates for the children, and of course making time for myself, this year is already flying by. Pretty soon I will be looking forward to the Easter bunny. I do hope Penny will understand a little more about Easter bunnies this year than last.

Mostly, I am not that frustrated by her self-paced development. But I have to be honest and admit that there are those things that I miss. She is 21 months and she has not uttered "mama" or even attempted to sign it. She uses about four signs routinely now, why can't mama be one of them if she cannot form the sounds with her mouth? And don't get me wrong, she is doing wonderfully and I am very proud of where she is today. But I still wish she would say my name!!!!

Today I took her to the Lutz Museum, a children's museum in Manchester, CT that I have loved since I was a child. How proud I was when Penny initiated one-handed walking throughout the museum. How dare I cramp her style by making her unable to point at the things she wanted as she ambled over!!? She was such an adorable cutie-pie strutting her stuff all throughout the museum while I followed. I know that she is mostly crawling as she investigates the exhibits, but as I keep telling her, "If you want to check those out so badly, you can figure out how to walk on your own!" Does this display of encouragement border neglect? Her glares back at me paint the picture that she knows my opinion on the matter, but she remains steady on her course to complete these achievements on her own time. And what else can a mother expect, or accept?


Lacey said...

Yeah for March, Yeah for summer to come. Can't come soon enough for me

Melissa said...

WTG Penny! Pretty soon, she'll just be walking on her own!
Don't worry, Dillon won't say Momman at all...I think it happen's to all of us..SIGH:( I'm sorry that I didn't call you back...I've been so busy!

I can't wait for the summer, we'll have to get together & play with our walking kiddos;(

Lynne said...

She's a peachy-pie...and even though she doesn't SAY Mama, she certainly lights up when you enter the room! Her whole face transforms just for one glimpse of you. :)
Love you