Monday, October 20, 2008

Speech Therapy

So she finally had ST. About time!! Well, I think it went really well. The ST sat there with a toy and practiced "in and out" and "on and off" and "all done". She was impressed that Penny can follow some simple directions such as "go get it," because when she throws a toy across the room it is her responsibility to get it; and "can I see?" when you need something from her before she puts it in her mouth.

Penelope also eats almost anything now. Her favorite is meat generally. She loves salmon, steak, chicken, turkey keilbasa, and hamburg. She will tolorate brocolli and carrots, but she really likes spaghetti, rice, and noodles. She tries so hard to use that fork. It is very frustrating when she can't get the food to stick to the fork!

I found a new blog today through Master Dillon's blog. It is this blog. I hope I have time to read it every day as I would love to get to know Sarah.

Scott signed me up to be the Tiger den leader for Nathaniel and I have just been so busy lately. I am having a lot of fun guiding the little ones. :)

This summer just seemed to wiz by. In August we went to Eastham at Cape Cod and we had a really wonderful time. Penny and Nathaniel loved the beach. Good thing I splurged for the water-proof liner on his cast. By the way, he got it off on Sept. 3 without any complications.

Penny and I went with Melissa and Dillon to the Buddy Walk on the shore in CT to raise money and awareness for folks with Down syndrome. After that we went shopping at Tanger Outlets too :).

I had an Usborne book show last week with Jessica. This Christmas will be the year everyone got books. Including Scott because, who doesn't need to read more?

Mostly, I have just been busy trying to keep the house clean and knitting this sweater for Penny. I started it in July hoping that I will be finished in time for the winter because I know how slow if a knitter I am. I am almost there.

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Master Dillon's MOm said...

Penny looks ADORABLE in this photo! Dillon's looking forward to seeing her soon. We miss you guys!